Monday, 6 May 2013

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 License Keys & Crack file & Activator for Free Download.

Hi, Friends.
I have Bitdefender Total Security 2013 License Keys for 365 days. With the help of this license keys you can also, update it every day, and it is work perfectly.

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 builds on #1 ranked anti-malware technology to secure online transactions, protect mobile devices from loss/theft, automatically back up files, and Tune-Up PCs

Feature of it..
  • Total anti-malware defence.
  • Anti-theft guardian for laptops.
  • Watches over your kids online.
  • Protects Internet connection (Firewall).
  • Optimizes PC speed & performance.
  • No more about it, it is best according to me.

Now, If you want to download, Bitdefender total Security 2013, and its license file..
Just follow, Given Steps..

  1. Download Bitdefender Total Security 2013, Trial software from it's official webside. For download it, Click Here.
  2. After download it, Install in your PC/Laptop, As given recommended setting. 
  3. Active it with the help of internet connection and fill all required information. 
  4. Now, Provide Any One License key, For the license keys Click Here.
  5. Now, your Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is active, you can also update it everyday. 

Now, If you want to active Bitdefender Total Security 2013 with the help of activator.
Just, follow Given Steps:
  1. First of all download Activator application, for download it Click Here.
  2. Now, Run uninstall.exe if you have already been running in trial version. 
  3. After this, Reboot your PC/Laptop. 
  4. Now, Install Bitdefender Total security 2013 set-up. 
  5. Create an account in bitdefender and sign it in your bitdefender total security 2013. (Note: always check the box that says keep me login , before rebooting). 
  6. Reboot in safe mode with networking. (You can do this by holding the f8 button before windows logo appears). 
  7. Run the activator, and set it to what ever year you like. 
  8. After this again restart your PC/Laptop, and login into windows as usual. 
  9. Now enjoy and update your Bitdefender Total Security 2013. 

If you are using this at 1st time (never use trial version of bitdefender total security 2013) then you can start your process at line number 4 as seen above.

Now, If you want to crack file of the Bitdefender total Security 2013, which active it till the year 2045 or 2075 or as you wish.
Just, follow Given Steps:

  1. Install the trial of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 in your PC/Laptop. 
  2. After Installation, Run this Antivirus. 
  3. Now, Disable Antivirus protection in Bitdefender Total Security. 
  4. After this Restart your PC/Laptop. 
  5. Now, Go to the "Safe Mode". (When booting your PC/Laptop then press F8). 
  6. Run crack.exe, Run as Administrator. For download crack.exe Click Here.
  7. Now, Click on the year 2045 or 2075 or as you wish, and active it. 
  8. After this again restart your PC/Laptop, and login into windows as usual. 
  9. Now, your Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is active till the year 2045 or 2075 or as you wish.

If your Anti-Virus detect Virus or Trojan, then please, disable your Anti-Virus during Patch. Because, Patches aren't A Virus Or Trojan. Patches made by, By-passing the original registration of software. So, Anti-Virus detect it as Trojan Or Virus. So, use patches without any tension.


  1. Thanks, it is working.

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  3. With the help of this, patch i can active this antivirus till 2045. Thanks bro.

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  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing this. The crack worked and everything however after about a couple of days it reverted back to whats left of the 90 day trial period. How am i to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  6. Can i update the software BITDEFENDER total security new edition after patch

  7. ya, You can update it every day..

  8. New, license keys of Bitdefender total security 2013, are added.. You can download it from above link or from


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  12. New and updated key is : B4F2YYR(150 days)

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